Kratky cloning is a hydroponic method that can be used to clone plants with relative ease. This method does not require an aeroponic system or constant monitoring of water levels and nutrient concentrations. It simply involves suspending the stem of the cutting in a container of water with some nutrient solution, and allowing it to develop roots on its own without any additional support from an aeroponic system. The success rate using this method is very high and is often used for cloning small fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc.

The Kratky Cloning Process

To begin the Kratky cloning process, you will need several items: a shallow plastic tray or pot filled with water (the “reservoir”), a cutting taken from the parent plant, some rooting hormone powder and some nutrient solution. Fill the reservoir with enough water to cover the root area of your cutting. Then add in the necessary amount of nutrient solution according to the instructions on the package. Make sure that you mix the nutrient solution into the water thoroughly so it is evenly distributed throughout.

Once you have prepared your reservoir, place your cutting into it and apply a liberal amount of rooting hormone powder onto its base (wherever you intend for its roots to grow). You may also use a rooting gel if desired. Place your cutting in an area where it will be exposed to indirect sunlight so that it receives adequate light during its development process without being overexposed. Be sure to monitor the water level in the reservoir to ensure that it is always kept high enough that your cutting’s roots are submerged.

After a few weeks, you will begin to notice your cutting developing its own root system beneath the surface of the water. This is when you can start regularly feeding your new plant with additional nutrient solution and gradually adjusting the water level as needed. As soon as your cutting has formed an extensive root system, it is ready to be transplanted into soil or a hydroponic medium of your choice. You now have successfully cloned a new fruit-bearing plant using Kratky cloning!

Kratky cloning is an easy and reliable method for quickly reproducing plants without needing any complex equipment or constant monitoring. It also produces a higher success rate than other methods of cloning, making it the ideal choice for many gardeners and hobbyists alike. With just a few simple supplies and some patience, you too can start cloning with Kratky hydroponics today!